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Board of Directors & Committees

                        Board of Directors

                             Max Brown - Chair                              

                              Mason Bean- Vice Chair                                                                        

                              Melanie Williams-                                                             Treasurer                                                                                                                                                                

                              Wayne Thomas

                              Kristy Branch Banks

                              Daphne Evanoff                          

                              Cora Russ

                             Tony Partington

                        Ann Birchwell

                        Committee Information

Family Support Committee - The Family Support Committee of Habitat of Franklin County is dedicated to working with Partner Families from the 1st orientation sponsored by Family Selection up to 1 year after they move into their home. Some of our responsibilities include: guiding the family with mortgage questions, payment schedules, home maintenance and any other questions that new homeowners have.
        Board Members: Cora Russ
        Non Board Members:

Fundraising Committee - Primarily focused on fundraising efforts. We can always use more workers in seeking grants from foundations as well as local groups and businesses. We have big ideas for large fundraising events and welcome others! Our team has come up with these event ideas: A return of the Mardi Gras parade, a kayak paddling event, bike race, tour of island homes, casino night, a piano-bar style cooking presentation and a film festival. Come help us raise funds to "raise the roof".
        Board Members: Mason Bean
        Non Board Members:

Site Selection Committee
- This committee is responsible for targeting the areas of the community in which the projects of the corporation shall be developed, investigating and researching the availability of property and recommending property to the Board of Directors for acquisition. The committee shall work in in conjunction with the building committee to evaluate the suitability of potential sites prior to acquisition.
        Board Members: Mason Bean; Kristy Banks
        Non Board Members:

Building Committee - This committee shall be responsible for planning and implementing the construction projects of the corporation. The tasks to be directed by this committee shall include obtaining house plans, soliciting professional help and donations of building materials, coordinating volunteers and supervising construction.
        Board Members: Mason Bean; Wayne Thomas
        Non Board Members:

Church Relations Committee - This committee shall be responsible for recruiting and nurturing the support of churches in all facets of Habitat's work.
        Board Members: Terry Birchwell
        Non Board Members:

Finance & Budget
        Board Members: Melanie Williams
        Non Board Members:

Join us on a committee or come work
at one of the building sites to help 'raise the roof'
for a family in Franklin County.